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BEAR SANCTUARY Prishtina offers an unforgettable experience for learning and exploring in a natural setting.

With an area of 16 hectars, surrounded by lush forests and untouched nature, BEAR SANCTUARY Prishtina provides a safe and species-appropriate home for mistreated bears since 2013.

BEAR SANCTUARY Prishtina is a project of the international animal welfare organization FOUR PAWS, which currently provides an appropriate, lifelong home for brown bears that were kept as restaurant bears in Kosovo and Albania. Over the past several years,
BEAR SANCTUARY Prishtina has become one of the
TOP destinations for local and foreign visitors.

Only a 20 kilometers drive from Prishtina, the sanctuary is located in a natural paradise where visitors can spend their day enjoying the outdoors while observing the rescued bears foraging for food, wading in their pools, or napping in the brush. Visitors have the opportunity to walk the nature trail where they will learn many interesting facts about animal welfare and environmental protection, as well as learn more about the background of each rescued bear.
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