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Privacy policies govern the procedures and security measures for data collection and processing and are in accordance with the law applicable in the Republic of Kosovo.

"KosovoPass.com" - Ventiox Sh.p.k - Kosovo
"User" or "You" - Individual who uses the services provided by KosovoPass.com
"Service Provider" or "Service Operator" or "Operator" - A natural or legal person who offers a product, activity or event and performs a service which can be booked through KosovoPass.com

KosovoPass.com is a digital platform which provides services for booking and purchasing tickets for various products, activities or events which are offered in the Republic of Kosovo and are presented for this purpose on this platform.

Using the services through the internet inevitably requires you as a user to share some information with us. Your privacy is very important that is why KosovoPass.com operates under the new data protection regulation (GDPR), a regulation which entered into force in 2018 and requires implementation for citizens in the European Union.

Reconciliation and approval of privacy policies
- By using the KosovoPass.com website or application you agree to these privacy policies and you also authorize KosovoPass.com to collect, use, process, transfer, store and protect your personal data as specified in this Privacy Policy .

How personal data is collected
KosovoPass.com may collect your personal data and information in cases where:

- Use the services of KosovoPass.com
- Create your KosovoPass.com account
- Change or add your data to your KosovoPass.com profile
- Communicate with KosovoPass.com about the services and products offered on the platform
- Perform various interactions as may be set forth below in these privacy policies.

What personal data is collected
- Identification information such as name, surname, address, email, phone number, when creating your KosovoPass.com account.
- Identification information such as name, surname, email, telephone number, gender if applicable, date of birth if applicable, preferences, billing address and other information used when booking the ticket at KosovoPass.com.
- Additional information required or authorized by applicable laws in the Republic of Kosovo to collect and process data for the purpose of validating the information collected.

How they are used in cookies
- Cookie is the standard technology of web browsers that enable the storage of some data from the browser on your computer or device. KosovoPass.com may use cookies to collect information about sites you view on KosovoPass.com, links you click on KosovoPass.com, and other actions you take at KosovoPass.com.
- KosovoPass.com uses cookies in order to better understand how you use our platform and this helps us in organizing the content for you, including the products that are suggested to you.
- You can configure your web browser in order to refuse the placement of cookies on your computer or device, and we are fine with this decision of yours, but in this case we must inform you that some of our services may do not function as they are designed to function using functional cookies.

Data for payment processing
- Processing of online payments by credit or debit card is not done by KosovoPass.com, but this is done directly through the bank, so the bank is a payment processor, therefore KosovoPass.com does not have access to the data of the bank cards with which you make payments online.

Why personal data is collected
KosovoPass.com may collect your data in order to improve and advance the services provided to you:

- Your identification to give you access to your account.
- To personalize our offers to you and improve your experience at KosovoPass.com.
- To communicate with you about your activity on KosovoPass.com, including communication for reservations and purchase of tickets for products in this case the ticket is sent to you by email and SMS.
- To identify, reduce and eventually eliminate illegal activity through your account.

How the collected data is stored
- Your personal data is stored for as long as necessary and in accordance with applicable laws. KosovoPass.com can store your data even after closing your account in order to prevent fraud, to address possible disputes, to fulfill any eventual debt, to execute the contract for the terms of use and to take other actions allowed or required by applicable laws.

- As soon as the purpose for which your personal data is collected or stored is not deleted, KosovoPass.com destroys your personal data and permanently deletes it from all its systems.

The information we share and disclose
- The data collected is used by KosovoPass.com, they are in no way sold to other parties. This data is used in order to provide the best and professional services to you.

- In case of purchasing a ticket for the use of any product, activity or event offered on this platform, KosovoPass.com shares with the operator only and only the personal data of the reservation, ie the ticket.

How can you check your data
The right to access and download your data:
- You have the right at any time to request from KosovoPass.com the complete list of your data that KosovoPass.com possesses. You can do this at any time by requesting info@kosovopass.com.

The right to change your data:
- You manage your account and your profile at KosovoPass.com, so you can change most of your data by logging in to your account and executing changes if necessary. If you feel that you do not have access to a change in any of your data and there is a need for this change, then please send your request for change of your data to info@kosovopass.com.

The right to request that your data not be processed:
- If you have created and own an account at KosovoPass.com, you can request that KosovoPass.com stop processing your data. By doing so you request the closure of your KosovoPass.com account. Please contact info@kosovopass.com for such request, any such request will be executed by KosovoPass.com no later than the next business day following receipt of the request.

- KosovoPass.com implements procedures with high technical and administrative standards in order to minimize the risk of loss, misuse, unauthorized access, disclosure and alteration of users` personal data. These measures include the use of firewalls and data encryption. If you believe your account has been compromised, please contact us immediately via email info@kosovopass.com.

Third Party Privacy Practices
- KosovoPass.com may contain links to other websites. This privacy policy only applies to our KosovoPass.com website, so if you click on a link and go to another website, then the privacy policies of the site you are visiting apply to you, so we recommend that you read their privacy policy.

Your questions, requests, suggestions and complaints
- For any questions, requests, suggestions or complaints regarding KosovoPass.com`s privacy policies or regarding information on your KosovoPass.com account, please contact us at info@kosovopass.com.

Changes in Privacy Policy
- KosovoPass.com keeps its privacy policy under regular review and whenever it needs to supplement and change these policies, any privacy policy updates are published on this site so we recommend that you read these carefully privacy policies.

- In cases where you have created and owned an account at KosovoPass.com and any privacy policy update is not accepted by you, then you are obliged to contact and inform us of non-compliance with the privacy policies and request to close the account your continued use of the Website implies that you agree to the changes made to your privacy policies.

- This privacy policy was last updated on May 4, 2020.

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