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Prizren, Peja, Istog or Prishtina - find the most attractive Adventures in Kosova
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Via Ferrata - Twin Caves
The most attractive cave Via Ferrata, the most famous Twin Cave in the Balkans, with two corridors with an entrance-exit length of 70m is located in the mountains of Istog - Bajshe, 14km from the city of Istog. It takes 30 minutes to 1 hour to visit inside.
from: 20 €
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Via Ferrata Marimangat
Via Ferrata Marimangat is 1 km long and takes around 3 to 4 hours to complete. It goes through the Tibetian Bridge which is 40 meters long and 60 meters high. It is considered as ``difficult`` and it is suggested a previous experience in such activities. The price: Euro 60 for 1 person; Euro 30 per person for groups of two; Euro 20 per person for groups of three or larger.
from: 20 €
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Via Ferrata | GoTo Sharr Fest
Kick off the day with accompained by sunrise as you climb the rocks of Lumbardhi`s Gorge, when you reach the top fill your eyes and your soul with the views of Majestic Sharr.
from: 12.00 €
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Hiking in Mokna Mountains - The Beauty of the Balkans
Beautiful things arise when people and mountains meet in all things of nature there is something wonderful. Because after all, you will not remember the time you spent working in an office, but you will remember the time you spent enjoying climbing mountains.
from: 15 €
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Paraglide in Prizren | GoTo Sharr Fest 2021
GoTo Sharr Fest is a festival for outdoor, cultural and sport activities in Sharri National Park. This festival will be held in the heart of Sharr, in the location called Guri i Zi. Eja n’Sharr Fest | GoTo Sharr Fest is initiated and organized by SuperXplorers, tour-operator focusing on adventure tourism, active with touristic products in local and international market since 2016. This event that aims to be traditional, focusing on present topics and activities, will be incorporating these components: Promotion and presentation of the touristic potential of the region; Activities in nature that give an added value to the region; Discussion and non-formal debate between parties of interest; Networking and exchange of experiences between different parties involved in tourism; Experiencing and degustation of local taste and experience; Paragliding is one of the many adventures that will happen at ``GoTo Sharr Fest``. Flights will take place at the paragliding station in Cvileni mountain, with this adventure you will fly above Prizren while enjoying amazing views of the city and mountain ranges that surround Prizren.
from: 67 €
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Paragliding Prizren
Tandem flight obove the city of Prizren
from: 63 €
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Hiking and Yoga at Skarpa Peak
And what is winter without a little winter break somewhere in mountains with snow? Join us for hiking and yoga at Skarpa Peak. Skarpa Peak is located on the border between Kosovo and North Macedonia is with an altitude of 2’476 m.On the way to the peak you will be able to see, “Vertopi” “Maja e Zeze”, Liqeni i Karanikolles”, all peaks of “via Dinarica trail”.
from: 79.00 €
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Via Ferrata Mat
Via Ferrata Mat is 500 meters long and it takes around 1 and a half hour to complete. It is considered ``easy`` and it does not require a previous experience in such activities. The price: Euro 30 for 1 person; Euro 20 per person for groups of 2; Euro 15 per person for groups of 3 or larger.
from: 15 €
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Prizren, Peja, Istog or Prishtina - find the most attractive Experiences in Kosova
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Explore the Cave Curch
Explore the magnificent St. Piters Cave Curch in Kabash
from: 13 €
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Mushroom hunting
Seasonal mushroom hunting in Sharr mountains
from: 15.00 €
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Camping | GoTo Sharr Fest.
Camping is going to be one of the mos important parts during the first edition of GoTo Sharr Fest, a unique experience to experience the amazing nature of Sharr National park. All the necessary gear for campig (pad, sleeping bag, tent) will be included.
from: 8.00 €
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Lojza Yoga retreat
Trajtojeni dhe shpërbleni veten me një Yoga retreat dy ditor në bjeshkët e nemura, në bujtinën fantastike Lojza. Fillojeni dhe mbaroni ditën me yoga dhe ndjejeni qetësinë e natyrës brenda trupit e mendjes tuaj.
from: 80.00 €
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