Explore Kosovo By Cities: Sharr Mountains
Sharri Vertical Kilometer
Vertical Kilometer trail-running race, with a distance of 3.8km and elevation gain of 1,075m D+ (above sea level), that starts in Prevalla and ends at the Sharri Peak. The race is certified by the International Skyrunning Federation. The race is organized by the Skyrunning Kosova - Kosova Mountaineering and Sports Climbing Federation.
from: 10.00 €
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Oshlak Peak / Sharr
Walking the ridge of Oshlak is one of the most panoramic walks in the Sharr mountains
from: 15 €
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High Scardus Ultra
Trail running competition in Sharr mountains
from: 10.00 €
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Jazinca Lake / Sharr
Përjetoni bukuritë e liqenit të jashtëzakonshëm të Jazhinces në Bjeshkët e Sharrit.
from: 20.00 €
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