Klubi Alpin Podguri
Hiking in Mokna Mountains - The Beauty of the Balkans
Adventures - Istog

Beautiful things arise when people and mountains meet in all things of nature there is something wonderful. Because after all, you will not remember the time you spent working in an office, but you will remember the time you spent enjoying climbing mountains.

What is offered:
The view offered by the Mokna Mountains "Beauty of the Balkans" 1800 to 2100 m / lmd in the city of Istog will make you feel proud every time you climb high.
Experience mountain hiking, perfect scenery and adventures in its purity, the cool mountain breeze and water, resorts, food and traditional hospitality in the mountain lodges.

What is included in the offer:
Mountaineering walk on one of the following paths from the city of Istog towards the mountains:
1. ViewPoint - Meadows of Istog - Via Ferrata Twin Caves 9.5 km
2. Gurrat e Bardha - Kodra e Dynes 8.3 km
3. Studenica - Maja e Korenikut & Lkeni i Shoshanit 12.5 km
4. Ibrahim Rugova - Gurrat e Bardha path 10.8 km
5. Maja e Madhe - Mokna 12.5 km
6. Radushë - Maja e Rovicës - Mokën 6 km
- Photos from your experience

The leader of the expedition is the Podguri Alpine Club, which have a significant experience in the field of mountaineering and mountaineering.
Minimum number of tickets required to book:
4 tickets
Ticket price from: 20.00€
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Discounts for groups:
Ticket price from: 15.00€
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