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Seasonal mushroom hunting in Sharr mountains

Spring, summer and autumn in Kosovo are characterized by rainy days followed by plenty of sunny days, these conditions are the perfect recipe for Sharr mountains to produce some of the most delicious wild mushrooms. This is the time when the professional guides and with deep fungi knowledge, organize the mushroom hunting in Sharr mountains. All wild mushroom fans and nature lovers are welcome.

What is the experience about:
- Hunting for some of the most delicious types of wild mushrooms
- Detailed information and methods for identification and recognition of these fungi
- Control and confirmation of the type for collected mushrooms
- Walking in the Sharr mountain forests

What is included in this offer:
- Transport from the city of Prizren to the location where the mushroom hunting is planned
- Information on mushrooms in general and detailed instructions for successful identification of mushrooms of interest
- Photos and videos from your experience
Minimum number of tickets required to book:
10 tickets
Ticket price from: 15.00€
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