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Explore the magnificent St. Piters Cave Curch in Kabash

Its building begun at the end of the XI century, and continued until the XIV century when is took its final magnificent shape. Due to the difficult terrain to access the church its also called the ``Bad`` Church.
It is built on the vertical side of a great rock, and a part of it even enters the rock. It is one of the most beautiful churches in terms of architecture, as well as its grandeur.

On the oposite side of St. Piters Church, St. Mary church is located, it is known as the Church at the Pigeon Cave. Both churches are surrounded by a beautiful landscape, with diverse fauna and streams flowing nearby.
Description by: EC Ma Ndryshe

What is included in the offer:
- Transportation by car from Prizren to the mountains of Kabash and back,
- Easy walk about 30 minutes to St. Peter`s Church,
- Exploring the church and the location around the church,
- Professional hiking guide
Minimum number of tickets required to book:
4 tickets
Ticket price from: 15.00€
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Ticket price from: 13.50€
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