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Rural and nature accommodation - Ferizaj

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Your 5 billion star hotel on wheels! Create unforgettable memories, enjoy exploring, staying and sleeping wherever you feel most comfortable!

Your 5 billion star hotel on wheels offers a comfortable living room, a kitchen equipped well with all amenities for your needs, comfortable sleeping space and bathroom. In addition to these spaces you also have the equipment to create your own backyard wherever you are, as well as all the necessary camping equipment.
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Via Ferrata Mat
Via Ferrata Mat is 500 meters long and it takes around 1 and a half hour to complete. It is considered ``easy`` and it does not require a previous experience in such activities. The price: Euro 30 for 1 person; Euro 20 per person for groups of 2; Euro 15 per person for groups of 3 or larger.
from: 30.00 €
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Hiking - Jazhinca lake 13.09.2020
Perjetoni bukuritë e liqenit të jashtëzakonshëm të Jazhinces në Bjeshkët e Sharrit.
from: 15.00 €
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Hiking in Mokna Mountains - The Beauty of the Balkans
Beautiful things arise when people and mountains meet in all things of nature there is something wonderful. Because after all, you will not remember the time you spent working in an office, but you will remember the time you spent enjoying climbing mountains.
from: 20.00 €
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Villa Ukaj
Ukaj cabin resort at an altitude of over 1800m offers accommodation for e very special vacation and experience in the Sharr mountains, in Kabash.
from: 295.00 €
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